How People Celebrate Their Birthdays Across the World?

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Undoubtedly birthdays are a big deal in every part of the world, and what makes it even more unique is the different ways it is celebrated in each part of the world. Living in a city like Dubai, where most nationalities reside, it would be wonderful to know the different traditions, isn’t it? Here are the different ways in which people celebrate their birthdays.

  • In India, it usually starts with a little prayer, visiting the temple, taking blessings from the elders and with a special meal. Now, the trends are changing with throwing lavish parties, but the core remains thanking their parents for a wonderful life.
  • In Vietman, families have a common day when they celebrate birthdays, known as Tet or beginning of the New Year, irrespective of the date they are born on. The kids also receive gifts or cash on this day.
  • In China, people eat noodles on their birthdays thanking their blessed life, and signifying a long life.
  • Russia is pretty unique too – they get a personalized pie with their name on it. How cute, isn’t it?
  • Australians celebrate their birthday by eating fairy bread. It’s a rolled up pastry buttered bread with sprinklers on it.
  • In Germany and Greece, it is also considered to be a bad omen if you’re wished a day earlier or later, it needs to be on the same day, so don’t ever miss out on wishing on colleague.
  • Americans throw parties for their friends and family, and buy them drinks whereas Germans bake a cake for their friends on their own birthday.
  • And the next time an Italian friend gifts you something, don’t just put it away. With Italians, you need to open the gift in front of the giver, or else it’s considered very rude.
  • Mexican birthday celebrations are colorful and full of fun too – their birthday tradition is to hit an object until candy falls out of it – like your traditional piñata which can take any shape and form.

So, which birthday tradition do you love the most and wish to follow? Also, if you’re confused about what to gift your colleagues from different parts of the world, check out Shass Gift, they have a range of corporate promotional gifts Dubai which make for wonderful gifts for any and every one!

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